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News & Commentary
Content posted in June 2006
The bank tech vendor landscape - more or less
News  |  6/30/2006
By Art Gillis The brevity of this message is backed by about 450 pages of details about what's going on in the world of bank technology. Here's just one glimpse. This year, there are 84 companies in the report. That's 17% fewer than last year, and the reason is a common one - mergers and acquisitions. Some of the M&A activity happens faster than the time it takes for an invesment banker to lace up his wing tips. Cyota was acquired by RSA Security this year and EMC just acquired RSA. A han
Wake-Up Call
Commentary  |  6/27/2006
Swift & U.S. Government: Perfect Together?
SOA: At Your Service
News  |  6/27/2006
Speaking at the SIA conference held last week in New York, Carol Dow, principal in corporate technology services at The Vanguard Group, explained that, as a business-driven approach to technology, service-oriented architecture (SOA) allows companies to innovate by ensuring that their IT systems can adapt quickly, easily and economically to support rapidly changing business needs.
Demand for International Trading Booms
News  |  6/27/2006
According to TowerGroup's Peter Delano, who spoke at last week's SIA Conference in New York, the demand for trading solutions that specifically facilitate international trading will continue to grow.
It's true, outsourcing is gaining as a way to do core apps processing
News  |  6/26/2006
By Art Gillis The numbers are in, and even though in-house is still a preferred method for community banks, outsourcing has gained in popularity. In 2005, new buy decisions among banks, thrifts and credit unions were as follows: In-house 56% Outsource 44% In the years before 2005, outsourcing ran at about 23%. The reasons most bankers give for this turnaround is attributed to the increased complexity of maintaining a fully compliant and secure system. Another reason is the expansio
Web Watch
Commentary  |  6/22/2006
Consumers Want It Their Way; All Banking Is Local; Getting Out of the 1960s; Mapping Outbreaks; Seniors Logged On; Be Prepared; Playing by the Rules;
New Products
News  |  6/22/2006
CheckPlus 5.0: Three-for-All; Wausau Processes Paper and Images; Mobile Recovery Units
Limiting Collateral Review Damage
News  |  6/22/2006
NetBank adds scoring solution from CoreLogic to its collateral review process.
Creating a More Palatable Carrot
News  |  6/22/2006
Business Objects helps North Fork centralize and automate incentive management.
Uninterrupted Service
News  |  6/22/2006
North Island Credit Union ensures service availability with XOsoft data replication solution.
News  |  6/22/2006
News  |  6/22/2006
Protecting customer records is much less expensive than paying for cleanup after a data breach or massive records loss, according to Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner.
Closing the Door on Criminals
News  |  6/22/2006
Regulations and increased incidents of fraud are forcing banks to rethink their siloed detection initiatives.
Lands of Opportunity
News  |  6/22/2006
Despite the challenges, emerging markets are an increasingly attractive outlet for U.S. banks.
Beating the Community Bank Drum
News  |  6/22/2006
Bridge Community Bank (Mount Vernon, Iowa; $54 million in assets) is a rural community bank with a can-do attitude toward technology.
Pulling Out All the Stops
News  |  6/22/2006
To win back deposit accounts, banks are revamping their account-opening processes.
Back to School
News  |  6/22/2006
Wachovia targets students with all-in-one college ID and bank card.
News  |  6/22/2006
Cards are deployed in FSA plans with promising results.
Executive News
News  |  6/22/2006
Put It on Debit, Man
News  |  6/22/2006
Debitman, HSBC aim to increase use of debit card network.
BS&T Launches Executive Summit
News  |  6/22/2006
New networking event addresses innovation and change.
Big Deals
News  |  6/22/2006
News  |  6/22/2006
KeyBank turns to e-mail certification service to combat phishing and e-mail fraud.
Images On Demand, All the Time
News  |  6/22/2006
Viewpointe and IBM embark on a major upgrade to check-image archive.
Karma on a Hanger
Commentary  |  6/22/2006
An article that appeared in The Times earlier this month inspired an amazing number of passionate and angry letters from women (and a few sympathetic men), all sounding variations on this theme: Don't I -- and my money -- matter?
Bank of New York Opens Innovation Center
News  |  6/20/2006
The bank says the move will accelerate product development in securities space.
Corillian Maps to ISO Security Standard
News  |  6/20/2006
Company's certification to ISO 27001 to provide greater assurance to clients.
The most popular gripe about technology - It takes too long for vendors to deliver new stuff
News  |  6/20/2006
By Art Gillis That's what bankers are saying, and I can't blame them because the world is turning into a real-time environment. Everyone is living in an instant time cycle. If you think there's a solution to a problem, you want to see it right away. But I see something else. There are two parts to how long something takes. 1. Transactions occur in nanoseconds. 2. Personnel-based work efforts take forever. It's the second category that gets all the gripes. For example, when has Microso
Courts May Have to Decide Rules of the Internet Road
News  |  6/16/2006
The battle over who gets access to the Internet, and how, is still playing out in Congress.
Chase Teams With FIS for Check Clearing
News  |  6/13/2006
Alliance designed to fast-track banks' migration to image technology.
Ticonderoga #3, Eberhard Faber eraser, columnar ruled pads, hand-held calculator - Tools I can do without
News  |  6/12/2006
By Art Gillis One of the first banking applications to find its way onto a PC in the mid-seventies was Asset/Liability Management. And it was a perfect marriage because ALM was about modeling. "Try this and see what you get." In the days of manual grunt work, "try this" meant only one, two or three what-ifs because it required a lot of tedious work, and bankers were too busy pushing paper from one station to another. When I asked bankers what they liked about the PC-based solutions, they a
Ex-Boss Describes Sys Admin’s Anger During PaineWebber Sabotage Trial
News  |  6/8/2006
Defendant Roger Duronio was "visibly upset" and red-faced and delivered an ultimatum: Give him a lucrative contract or he'd walk, said Duronio's ex-boss, testifying against him in a criminal hacking trial.
News  |  6/6/2006
Team develops roadmap for the financial services industry.
IdenTrust and Bharosa Team for Multi-Factor Authentication
News  |  6/6/2006
Firms say alliance will boost security for users.
Security Cleanup Costs Much More Than Encryption: Gartner
News  |  6/6/2006
Encryption can cost as little as $6 per customer account, while cleanup after a breach can go upwards of $90 per customer account.

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