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Make ‘Em Laugh: 6 Funny Bank Videos That Drive Engagement

Banks may not be thought of as having a sense of humor, but these videos prove banks can laugh, often at themselves.

Recently, Capital One unveiled a humorous digital video series intended to promote its mobile banking offering. That got us to thinking about all the lighthearted (and in some cases self-deprecating) bank commercials and digital videos out there. In that vein, Bank Systems & Technology presents the funniest (in our opinion) bank-centric videos out there in the internet. We hope you enjoy.

(Editor's note: This list features only bank-produced advertising; to wade through all the vitriol-laced videos about banking on Youtube would take many, many years.)

Commonwealth Bank -- Follow Through on Good Intentions

Most people fall short when it comes to resolutions and good intentions. This video by Commonwealth Bank suggests that the best way to follow through on financial plans is by working with the Australian financial institution. “If you’re determined to make a difference, start something with us,” exhorts Commonwealth Bank, snidely adding, “In the meantime, good luck with your other goals” – which, according to the Aussies featured in the video, include such resolutions as, “I will floss – floss with vigor!” and “I will remember my own birthday.”

Coast Capital Savings Bank -- Switching Your Bank May Be More Effective Than Rogaine

It's not unusual for people to worry about their finances in today's volatile economic climate. This commercial features one unhappy soul stressing about his money. He blames that stress for his hair loss. Poor guy. But as this customer finds out, Coast Capital Savings Bank's free checking and debit accounts are the keys to a coiffure-utopia.

Postbank -- Take My Wife, Please

This Postbank video touts its expertise in dealing with "unexpected financial problems." Certainly, having a golfing acquaintance authorize one's wife (or girlfriend, the commercial isn't clear on that) to spend millions on a home, among other purchases, would qualify. I'm not sure if this ad is specifically targeted to high-net worth clients or not, but either way it makes its point as is definitely memorable.

Fifth Third Bank -- Cheer for the Hometown Team

A lot of banks are involved with their local sports teams through endorsements and advertising of one kind or another. Cincinnati, Ohio-based Fifth Third Bank offers a checking and debit account promoting the Cincinnati Bengals. What banking brand wouldn't want to tap into the enthusiasm this Bengals fan demonstrates in this Fifth Third advertisement?

Ally -- Don't Accept Your Fate

This commercial really taps into the zeitgeist of how consumers feel toward their banks. In many cases, if it's not outright anger, it's apathy. Ally does a good, and funny, job of trying to place itself "above the fray" so to speak, and unlike other banks.

Capital One -- How Easy is Mobile Banking

The editors of Bank Systems & Technology had not heard of Dragonforce before viewing this video. But we're glad that's not the case anymore. (Or are we?)

Bryan Yurcan is associate editor for Bank Systems and Technology. He has worked in various editorial capacities for newspapers and magazines for the past 8 years. After beginning his career as a municipal and courts reporter for daily newspapers in upstate New York, Bryan has ... View Full Bio

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