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News & Commentary
Content posted in August 2014
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Is There an IT Advantage?
News  |  8/29/2014
Today great IT is more about agility and innovation and less about processing and maintenance. Can your organization make the switch?
Feds Investigating Breaches at JPMorgan, Other Banks
News  |  8/29/2014
JPMorgan working with FBI, US Secret Service to determine scope of breach, but other newly reported intrusions at financial firms may not be related.
What Banks Need To Do After the JPMorgan Breach
News  |  8/28/2014
If breaches are inevitable, banks need to know how to respond to them.
What Banks Can Learn From the Target Breach
News  |  8/28/2014
Following the JPMorgan Chase hack, banks can look back to the Target attack to glean insights on minimizing such attacks.
The Maturation of Mobile Banking: Balancing Functionality & Ease of Use
Commentary  |  8/28/2014
Mobile banking has evolved from offering only basic, bare-bones banking activities and is on the cusp of providing a standalone alternative to branch banking and even desktop banking.
Banking on Cyber Security Leadership
Commentary  |  8/28/2014
How cyber security officers at financial institutions are confronting data protection concerns.
Data Ownership & Encryption in the Cloud
News  |  8/28/2014
New advancements in encryption technology can help businesses keep their data secure and private even when it is stored with a cloud provider.
Russian Hack Attack on Banks: Is This the Big One?
Commentary  |  8/28/2014
JPMorgan Chase and at least four other US banks have been hit by a series of coordinated attacks on account information. Was it inevitable?
8 Things We Want In iPhone 6
Commentary  |  8/28/2014
What features rank as most wanted in Apple's soon-to-debut iPhone? Let's talk battery, camera, display, and more.
Launching New Product Innovations With Old Systems
Commentary  |  8/27/2014
Legacy systems and limited resources shouldn't stop community banks from launching new product innovations.
Regulation: The Mother of Invention?
News  |  8/27/2014
D+H CEO Gerrard Schmid talked regulation and innovation at his company's Connections 2014 conference.
The Role of Big Data in Monitoring Real-Time Payments Fraud
Commentary  |  8/26/2014
Predictive and behavioral analytics hold the key to tracking fraud in a real-time payments environment.
How to Ace RDC Compliance Audits
News  |  8/25/2014
With annual RDC audits weighing heavily on banks, we offer some tips to help compliance officers get through the auditing season.
Technology Forces on Community Banks: What’s a Bank to Do?
Commentary  |  8/25/2014
Small banks need to pursue mobile-based technology and innovation in order to remain relevant.
Securing Networks in a BYOD-Enabled Environment
News  |  8/22/2014
Bremer Bank turned to ForeScout CounterAct to achieve network security while providing ease of use for employees working on their mobile devices.
IBM Signs Cloud Financial Services Deals
News  |  8/22/2014
Big Blue has expanded its presence as a cloud provider in the financial services industry.
Public Sector IT Compliance The Private Sector Way
Commentary  |  8/22/2014
Office of Management and Budget wants agencies to mimic private-sector accountability practices. Compliance will require private sector discipline
Legalized Marijuana & Multi-Jurisdictional Banking: High Times for Community Banks
Commentary  |  8/21/2014
Small local institutions have less regulatory risk in serving marijuana businesses in states where they are legal.
Bank of America Agrees to Record-Breaking Fine for Mortgage Securities Sales
News  |  8/21/2014
The bank will pay $16.65 billion for selling securities backed by risky loans before the financial crisis.
The BYOD Challenge
Commentary  |  8/21/2014
Having a policy in place to manage mobile devices used by employees for work purposes is necessary in this current day.
6 Reasons Secure Coding Can Still Lead to a Shipwreck
Commentary  |  8/20/2014
Why application security means more than just ensuring that developers are writing secure code.
Geezeo, MEA Form Strategic Parternship
News  |  8/20/2014
The two companies share a variety of common clients.
Deutsche Bank Hires New Senior Tech Leaders
News  |  8/19/2014
The bank has hired two senior tech leaders away from Goldman Sachs and RBS as it seeks to add 500 new employees to support technology and operations.
Applying Silicon Valley Practices to Treasury Product Design & Development
Commentary  |  8/19/2014
The Silicon Valley model encourages those who are doing the design and development to get closer to clients.
5 Steps To A Healthy IT Culture
Commentary  |  8/19/2014
Internal politics can jeopardize the success of IT projects. Here's how to maximize morale, encourage teamwork, and foster a healthier organization.
Liberty Reserve Deputy Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering
News  |  8/18/2014
Regulators claim the virtual currency business acted as a bank for the global criminal underworld.
PwC Faces Suspension, Fine From New York Regulator
News  |  8/18/2014
The New York State Department of Financial Services conducted an investigation into PwC's regulatory advisory services arm involving work it did for Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi.
The Next Generation of Bank Branch Employees
News  |  8/15/2014
Banks need to change their model for branch staffing if they're going to cut branch costs while providing great service.
US Payments Innovation: Here Come the Feds!
Commentary  |  8/15/2014
What the Federal Reserve's push for faster payments in the US will mean for B2B payments.
Automation’s Impact on Customer Experience in Financial Services
Commentary  |  8/15/2014
Cloud-based solutions that focus on sales execution help the financial services sector keep up with rapidly evolving and increasingly tailored customer needs, improving customer experience through trust and loyalty.
The Escalating Payments War
Commentary  |  8/14/2014
Amazon Local Register is the latest payments product to be introduced by a nontraditional financial institution.
The Great Training Divide: Online Training Focus & Inconsistent Customer Experience
Commentary  |  8/14/2014
Transversal research shows that branch staff receive half the training as online staff.
Android Dominates Smartphone Market With 85% Share
Commentary  |  8/14/2014
Even Apple's iOS is a blip compared to Google's unstoppable, juggernaut mobile platform.
Misys Acquisition of CCS Targets Growing Commercial Lending Market
News  |  8/13/2014
The acquisition will give client banks a single front-to-back system for the entire lending process and a holistic view of key commercial lending relationships.
Managing Risk With Big Data & Analytics
Commentary  |  8/13/2014
There is no question that the sheer volume of available information has made countless industries more efficient and more effective.
Security Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Fraudulent ATM Cash-Outs
Commentary  |  8/13/2014
There’s a new advanced persistent threat (APT) attack threatening banks’ ATM networks. What can banks do to counter this threat?
Which Person Would Make a Better Product?
Commentary  |  8/12/2014
Banks need to support their shiny new products with a back office and infrastructure that meet customer expectations.
Can Technology Serve as a Positive Disruptive Force in Banking?
Commentary  |  8/11/2014
Regulation inhibits the adoption and use of technology in its most disruptive form.
How Bitcoin’s Underlying Technology Could Disrupt Financial Services
News  |  8/11/2014
A new Celent report argues that the blockchain ledger the Bitcoin network relies on may be a bigger disruptive force than the currency itself.
Using Mobile to Reach the Unbanked in India
News  |  8/11/2014
Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society uses a mobile solution from SAP to serve customers in rural areas.
The World Cup Wasn’t Brazil’s Only Loss: Boleto Malware Emerges
Commentary  |  8/11/2014
In light of the recent fraud campaign against Brazil’s banking industry, what must payments industry players do to fight malware-based payments fraud?
The True Cost of Data Breaches
Slideshows  |  8/8/2014
The cost associated with data breaches extends far beyond just the information that was stolen.
Identity Management Will Get a Mobile Makeover by 2017, Part 2
Commentary  |  8/8/2014
In the second part of this series, we look at how behavioral awareness and mobile imaging are changing authentication.
Increased Vigilance Needed to Reduce Counterfeit Risk
Commentary  |  8/8/2014
With counterfeiting changing thanks to new digital technology, banks need to increase their detection capabilities.
8 Reasons Big Data Projects Fail
Commentary  |  8/8/2014
Most companies remain on the big data sidelines too long, then fail. An iterative, start-small approach can help you avoid common pitfalls.
5 Questions About Faster Payments in the US
Commentary  |  8/7/2014
US banks can learn lessons on implementation and security from other faster payments initiatives around the world.
A Privacy Checklist for Collecting Customer Information
Commentary  |  8/7/2014
Financial institutions collect tremendous amounts of customer information, some of it publicly available but much of it highly personal.
How BNY Mellon Is Scaling Process Improvements
News  |  8/6/2014
Along with streamlining operations and eliminating silos, the investment management and services firm found ways to replicate excellence across the enterprise.
The Execution Challenge
Commentary  |  8/5/2014
It's one thing for banks to encourage innovation and transformation, and it's quite another to execute successfully on these strategies.
Risk Taking Is Essential for Innovation
Commentary  |  8/5/2014
Executives increasingly understand the need to drive innovation in their organizations, but they will succeed only if they aren't afraid to fail.
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