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Content posted in December 2008
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Increased Investment in Deposit-Gathering Initiatives in 2009, Predicts Celent
News  |  12/30/2008
Remote deposit capture, HSAs and Web 2.0 are some of the tools banks will use to ramp up deposits.
Four Areas to Target to Reduce Operational Risk
News  |  12/30/2008
As risk management comes to the fore, banks will focus IT spend on mitigating operational risk.
Creating a Self-Funding IT Model
News  |  12/30/2008
Three initiatives to support changing the IT cost model from one of cost to self-funding.
Achieving Compliance and Cutting Costs Via Automation
News  |  12/30/2008
Banks can realize cost savings while preserving capital by leveraging automation and outsourcing in response to increased regulation.
Capital Conservation and Energy Efficiency Technology on the Horizon in 2009
News  |  12/29/2008
IT investment capital will become more scarce as banks have to preserve for future loans, and execs will look to manage asset life cycles next year.
Market Conditions Have Provided Banks With Unique Opportunities
News  |  12/29/2008
Reducing risk profile, deposit capture, improving customer experience, and automation all take on new focus.
Banks Will Have to Be More Innovative With Fewer Dollars Going Forward
News  |  12/29/2008
Expect investments in high-margin or low-risk areas as resources will be tied up in mergers and meeting regulatory challenges in the future.
Cole Taylor Bank Names Conte COO
News  |  12/24/2008
LaSalle Bank alum Randall Conte is named EVP and COO of Illinois bank.
Fisher to Head IT at Lloyds
News  |  12/24/2008
Mark Fisher was selected to help Lloyds with its integration of the acquired HBOS.
Barclays Fights Phishing With Smart Bankcards and Readers
News  |  12/24/2008
Phishing plummets and customer satisfaction soars as Barclays deploys smart card readers.
Crisis a Marketing Opportunity for ING Direct
News  |  12/24/2008
The bank that went from zero to $80 billion in a decade reiterates the virtues of saving.
Ideas Are Stock in Trade for Wells’ Execs
News  |  12/24/2008
Wells Fargo's Innovation Stock Exchange encourages technologists to think creatively.
Enter FICO 08: The Next-Gen Credit Score
News  |  12/24/2008
Fair Isaac's latest credit scorecard is not a reaction to the subprime crisis, the vendor says.
As Defaults Mount, Many Question FICO Scores’ Value
News  |  12/24/2008
Some question why credit scores didn't prevent defaults; others question how they're used.
BI and Bankers: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
News  |  12/18/2008
Every banker could have benefited from business intelligence (BI) technology.
FSTC Introduces RFID Standard
News  |  12/18/2008
2009 Bank Tech Forecast: Banks Must Become Proactive to Stop Fraud
Commentary  |  12/17/2008
Experts continue to emphasize the importance of actively protecting data from misuse.
Banks Continue to Switch Core Systems
News  |  12/16/2008
If you believe that "One swallow doesn't make a summer," would you believe that 300 would? It's too early to tell about this new twist, but based on known activity this year, the pattern appears to be changing.
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Choosing a Risk Management System
News  |  12/15/2008
By Nigel Hooker, DFA Capital Management With the financial crisis on Wall Street and the threat to the world economy, never has there been more focus on risk management practices in banks and insurance companies. It's now more critical than ever before to know how much capital is needed to support current and future business and which segments create shareholder value or destroy it.
Former Lehman Brothers IT Exec Named CIO of FBI
News  |  12/14/2008
Chad Fulgham comes to the FBI from the IT division of Lehman Brothers.
Amish an Example in a World Gone Mad
News  |  12/12/2008
The workweek ended with no shortage of financial news (though nowadays it's not over till the fat lady sings-i.e. Sunday night has passed). What struck me today as Congress refused $15 billion to the auto industry is how small that now seems in the scheme of things-not just compared with the $250 billion-plus stimulus packages separately announced by Japan and the EU today, but the
Visa CEO Loses Credit Card
News  |  12/12/2008
We've all have that heart clenching moment when we realize we lost our credit card (or worse yet, our wallet). It can happen to the best of us, even Visa CEO Joseph Saunders.
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