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Content posted in December 2009
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Banks Planning Flexible IT Budgets for 2010
News  |  12/23/2009
The continuing uncertainty about financial services regulation will complicate 2010 IT budgeting by forcing banks to try to balance caution with innovation and efficiency with flexibility.
Heartland To Settle Class Actions Over Cyber Breach
News  |  12/22/2009
The payment processor agreed to submit the report of an independent expert on its plans to improve the security of its computer system since the announcement of the cyber breach on January 20, 2009.
10 in 2010: Banking Trends for the New Year
News  |  12/21/2009
BS&T's editors offer some predictions about the coming year's bank technology news makers.
Washington's Regulatory Agenda Will Shape Banks' Risk IT Strategies
News  |  12/21/2009
Pending legislation in Congress will significantly affect banks' IT shops, and risk management will be front and center, reports Deloitte & Touche's Henry Ristuccia.
2010 IT Spending Forecast Not All Bad for Banks
News  |  12/21/2009
Banks' technology spending in the coming year will be defined by treasury services and M&A integration, according to Jacob Jegher, Senior Analyst, Celent.
The Bank Technology Hot List: Solutions That Sizzle
News  |  12/21/2009
According to a cross section of bank tech executives, this could be the year that heretofore unproven solutions -- including mobile payments, cloud computing and social networking -- become essential components of banks' strategies.
Banks To Increase Focus And Budgets On Online Banking in 2010
News  |  12/21/2009
Some banks will pinpoint online sales and marketing, while others will focus on online service or improving the customer experience, according to a new Aite Group report.
Mickey Goldwasser Joins Continuity Engine as SVP of Marketing
News  |  12/20/2009
Mickey Goldwasser joins Continuity Engine as SVP of Marketing.
Honor Roll: This Week's Top Bank Blogs (Dec. 13-19)
News  |  12/18/2009
Our favorite banking technology-related blog posts from around the Web (December 13-19, 2009):
Bank of America Elects New CEO
News  |  12/17/2009
Bank of American has named Brian T. Moynihan as its chief executive officer (CEO) and president.
FTC Sues Intel for Stifling Competition
News  |  12/17/2009
In a new lawsuit filed on Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is alleging that Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker Intel has stifled competition in the microprocessor market.
Macatawa Bank Selects Fiserv's Premier Bank Platform
News  |  12/17/2009
Fiserv said Premier's service-oriented architecture and seamless integration make it possible for Macatawa Bank to rapidly deploy new solutions to meet market, regulatory and operational challenges.
Bank Tech Budgets: Making Sense of Up, Down or Sideways
News  |  12/17/2009
By Bill Bradway, Founder and Managing Director, Bradway Research The rock-and-roll developments of 2009 have achieved historic significance in many ways.
Fraud: Social Media Heightens New Threats
News  |  12/17/2009
As fraudsters increasingly seek to exploit weaknesses in consumers' defenses through social engineering schemes rather than hack vulnerabilities in banks' security systems, the need for enterprisewide solutions to detect fraud across channels is greater than ever.
IBM to Acquire Lombardi
News  |  12/16/2009
IBM has entered a definitive agreement to acquire business process management (BPM) software and services firm Lombardi.
Have Cell Phone, Need Bank: Nokia Makes Mobile Play for Unbanked
News  |  12/16/2009
Cell phone giant Nokia hopes to provide basic financial services to the unbanked in emerging markets via its Nokia Money mobile service.
J.P. Morgan Continues Treasury Services, Escrow Expansions
News  |  12/15/2009
J.P. Morgan has expanded upon its treasury services in Canada and introduced its escrow service into the South Korea market.
SunTrust Introduces Daily Budgeting Application for Facebook
News  |  12/15/2009
SunTrust introduces daily budgeting application for Facebook; Daily Dollar application is most recent online component of SunTrust's Live Solid initiative on Facebook.
Santa's Gift To Bankers-The Merit Score
News  |  12/15/2009
The North Pole--I know how much you all pay attention to the quintessential Credit Score in evaluating the credit worthiness of borrowers. Since it hasn't worked to prevent all sorts of lending disasters, I'm offering you something else in your attempts to set the banking business on its right course. I call it the Merit Score. It's similar to what I use to keep track of who's naughty or nice.
BB&T Selects NICE SmartCenter to Enhance Customer Service
News  |  12/14/2009
NICE SmartCenter is a suite of pre-packaged business solutions that address specific business issues, powered by functional components spanning call recording, quality management, multi-channel interaction analytics, workforce management and performance management.
Citigroup Agrees to TARP Repayment
News  |  12/14/2009
Having worked out whatever differences might have existed between it and the federal government, Citigroup announced this morning that it has reached an agreement to repay its $20 billion TARP bailout.
Washington Trust Partners with uMonitor to Expand Online Services
News  |  12/14/2009
Washington Trust partners with uMonitor to expand online services; will deploy vendor's UTransfer online money transfer service.
Honor Roll: This Week's Top Bank Blogs (Dec. 6-12)
News  |  12/11/2009
Our favorite banking technology-related blog posts from around the Web (December 6-12, 2009):
SWIFT's Restructuring in North America Includes Layoffs
News  |  12/11/2009
SWIFT's Commercial group reduces staff as part of plan to cut $132 million in global operating expenses.
Microsoft and Temenos Partner on Core Banking
News  |  12/10/2009
Temenos Group AG and Microsoft have announced an alliance to deliver core banking solutions.
British Bank Bonus Tax: Boffo or Bozo?
News  |  12/10/2009
The one indisputable business reality of 2009 is that, from a political standpoint, you can't go wrong dumping on the banking industry.
Finding New Acquisition Opportunities Among Current Customers
News  |  12/10/2009
By Margot Vaughan, MasterCard Advisors As consumers struggle with debt, issuers have-quite appropriately-refocused their acquisition efforts. U.S. issuers reduced their direct mail credit card offers 27 percent in 2008, some by as much as 61 percent. But going too far in that direction can lead to lost market share and portfolios with high inactive rates and losses. Instead, card acquisition efforts now should largely focus on finding opportunity among the bank's existing customer bas
Top Strategies in Risk Management
Top Strategies in Risk Management
Bank Systems & Technology Videos  |  12/9/2009
One financial services discipline that has taken a lot of heat has been risk management. Some experts say the beginnings of the financial crisis were allowed to form because firms didn�t practice risk management correctly.
Risk Management:  The Role of Technology
Risk Management: The Role of Technology
Bank Systems & Technology Videos  |  12/9/2009
How did the financial services industry collectively get to where it is today, with politicians making examples of every bonus, and regulators threatening new restrictions on everything from executive pay to flash orders?
TARP Extended Through October 2010
News  |  12/9/2009
Since I'm conscientiously objecting to pay attention to anything related to Tiger Woods, his alleged infidelities or his Swedish mother-in-law, the biggest news today, in my opinion, comes out of Washington, where the Obama administration has announced plans to extend the troubled assets relief program (TARP) through next October.
Panini Check Scanners Integrate With Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks
News  |  12/9/2009
The check scanner allows small businesses to make payments from their office.
Consumers Are Ready to Protect Their Accounts, But Will Bankers Let Them?
News  |  12/9/2009
By James Van Dyke, Javelin Strategy & Research A popular misconception about consumers' willingness to be involved in fraud protection is holding back retail bankers' profitability. New Javelin factual research debunks the mistaken belief that consumers won't sacrifice convenience in order to increase security. By analyzing rigorous data comparing latest behaviors and preferences toward banking security, Javelin identifies steps bankers can take to not only lower their fraud mitigation costs
Citigroup, Wells Fargo Disagree with Government on TARP Repayment
News  |  12/8/2009
With Bank of America having repaid its TARP loans last week, others are looking to follow suit. That is proving, however, easier said than done. The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday morning that both Citigroup and Wells Fargo have found themselves at odds with the federal government over the amount of capital each will be required to raise to exit the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
Permata Bank Selects Hypercom's Optimum for Mini-ATM Roll Out in Indonesia
News  |  12/8/2009
Permata Bank selects Hypercom's Optimum for mini-ATM roll out in Indonesia; customers will be able to complete more than 100 types of transactions.
Top International Banks May Be Getting Ahead Of Top U.S. Banks With Advanced Technology
News  |  12/8/2009
I have been known to say the top 140 U.S. banks march to 140 drummers when it comes to technology. They each do it their unique way. But these days, I believe I have found some common denominators among U.S. banks in my attempt to view the bank IT world as only two parts: U.S. and everywhere else.
Memento's New Check Fraud Prevention Solution Aims to Reduce Analyst and Investigator Workloads
News  |  12/7/2009
Memento's new check fraud prevention solution aims to reduce analyst and investigator workloads; Memento Security"Check Fraud produces fewer fraud alerts with no reduction in detection rates, vendor says.
SAP Launches Banking Suite
News  |  12/7/2009
SAP has launched SAP banking service 7.0, a set of innovations to its industry-specific banking software suite.
Microsoft Names Joe Pagano Worldwide Managing Director for Banking and Capital Markets
News  |  12/7/2009
Microsoft names Joe Pagano Worldwide Managing Director for Banking and Capital Markets; company veteran most recently managed sales team for strategic Global Financial Services accounts.
Regulation and Its Impact on Client Acquisition in Banking
Regulation and Its Impact on Client Acquisition in Banking
Bank Systems & Technology Videos  |  12/4/2009
Keeping a client informed through good communication seems like one of the most basic things that a financial firm can do to improve customer relationships. But, more often than not, they don�t do a good job with client management.
Great Southern Bank Selects Image Processing Platform
News  |  12/4/2009
Great Southern Bank has selected the Summit.NET image processing platform for its item processing services.
Honor Roll: This Week's Top Bank Blogs (Nov. 29-Dec. 5)
News  |  12/4/2009
Our favorite banking technology-related blog posts from around the Web (November 29 - December 5, 2009):
How to Manage the Human Side of Process Risk for Financial Services Organizations
News  |  12/4/2009
By Jacob Ukelson, ActionBase In financial services organizations, most business processes are knowledge-intensive human processes.
First National Bank of Omaha Expands RDC Customer Base by 50 Percent
News  |  12/3/2009
First National Bank of Omaha's second generation, Web-enabled remote deposit capture solution helps the bank expand its RDC customer base by 50 percent.
Bank Tech Innovation and the Great Recession - 2010 Outlook
News  |  12/2/2009
By Bill Bradway, Bradway Research The opportunities for bank tech innovation have been expanding over the past 40 years. When I started my banking career in 1973, the automated cash dispenser/ATM was the emerging innovation. Over the past 36 years I have followed wave after wave of promising "innovations." As the banking industry begins its recovery from the Great Recession, eyes and minds are shifting their focus back to identifying the most promising bank tech innovations for the nex
Alliant Credit Union Selects Geezeo for PFM
News  |  12/2/2009
Alliant Credit Union selects Geezeo for PFM; credit union will integrate solution with online banking offering; aims to increase retention, attract new generation of members.
TriNovus Launches Stress Testing Solution
News  |  12/2/2009
TriNovus developed BankRisk as a tool for banks to utilize partly in response to the federal banking regulators' concerns about community banks' increased participation in commercial real-estate lending.
What ING's Insurance Divestment Means to the Bancassurance Model
News  |  12/2/2009
With ING forced to divest its insurance operations, the long-term viability of the bancassurance model has come under scrutiny.
Financial Crisis Causes More Bankers to Stray From Their Marriages
News  |  12/2/2009
Here's a sad commentary on how the financial crisis has affected people's lives beyond their wallets. According to Reuters, the number of affairs among married bankers has increased significantly due to the crisis.
Fostering and Promoting Diversity in Workplace IT Departments
News  |  12/1/2009
By Kristina Draper, Wells Fargo In today's business environment, there is an increasing focus on cultivating a diverse workforce. But achieving diversity can be a challenge for many organizations, particularly in IT fields. While there are several contributing factors, one key driver is simply that the numbers of certain racial and ethnic minorities in IT are not proportional to their numbers in the population. In addition, in the U.S., the percentage of female IT employees has steadil
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