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No Skype on iPhone? Not So!

The legacy of Ronald Reagan will be remembered around the world, especially in the financial community.

The legacy of Ronald Reagan will be remembered around the world, especially in the financial community. It's not a stretch to think that his smiling visage will appear on prominent currency in the not-too-distant future. Sure, why not?

Now, I'm not in favor of doing anything as rash as displacing Sacagawea's place of honor on the ubiquitous dollar coin. But how about minting Reagan's head on the euro? The French might resist at first, but the Poles might go for it. Indeed, if not for Reagan's success in the global game of nuclear brinkmanship, the EU would have become the EUSSR by now, nyet?

If that idea doesn't gain traction with our transatlantic amigos for some inexplicable reason, there are still other ways to preserve Reagan's legacy.

Consider this: The Reagan years saw the germination of many innovations that reshaped the electronic payments network, including the IBM PC and the ATM. As such, perhaps it is most fitting that the payments industry pay homage to the Great Communicator by making him a symbolic figure in the world of e-currency.

How, you ask? We can make "Reagan" a synonym for "electronic funds transfer."

Usage examples:

"I'll Reagan you the money immediately."

"You've got Reagans!"

"You must Reagan the rent!" "I can't Reagan the rent!" "I'll Reagan the rent!"

If this is the Schwartzeneggeriest idea you've ever heard, just send me a show of support via Kofi-mail. If you get a Gore signal, I'm probably out Clintoning and will get back to you at half-past-Dubya. OK, I'm getting Kerry'd away. No Moore!

One more thing: I am profoundly disappointed by the hasty selection of Senator John Edwards as Kerry's running mate. Believe it or not, I had intended to use this pre-DNC column to lay out my personal qualifications to become a vice-presidential candidate. Now, I have to wait four years to fulfill my veep fantasy. Thanks, Johns.

But "Schwartzenegger-Schneider" ... Now that's a bumper-sticker that would make America proud!

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