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Preston Gralla
Preston Gralla
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AT&T To Skip WiMax For LTE?

Learn what your firm needs to (eventually) upgrade.

Confused about the future of Windows Vista, and what it'll mean to you and your organization? Join the club. Microsoft has been touting the operating system for about five years, but there have been so many delays, miscommunications, and downright myths about it that it's hard to separate fact from fiction.

Fear not. We've dug up the truth about the operating system, everything from its ship date to hardware requirements and beyond. So here are 20 questions -- and, more importantly, 20 answers -- to set things straight.

20 Questions About Windows Vista

1.  When will Vista be available to the public -- for real?

2.  How many times has Vista been delayed?

3.  What versions will Vista come in? What unique features are offered in each?

4.  What are the most important new features in Vista for home users?

5.  What are the most important new features for businesses?

6.  What are the most important new features for mobile users?

7.  What's the most important feature previously planned for Vista that was left out?

8.  Is Vista really more secure than earlier Windows versions? In what ways?

9.  Is it true that Vista will inundate me with security warnings when I try to run certain programs?

10.  How much will Vista cost -- and are there any hidden costs?

11.  Will there be compatibility issues with my older software?

12.  What are the system requirements for Vista, and how do I know if my PC will support it?

13.  Will Vista run on Macs?

14.  When should I upgrade to Vista?

15.  How long will Microsoft continue to support the XP operating system?

16.  What does Vista's support for 64-bit computing mean for end users?

17.  How much of Vista is copied from Mac OS X?

18.  Are there any back doors in Vista that will allow government snooping?

19.  Will any Easter eggs be hidden in Vista?

20.  Can a dual-boot PC be set up for Linux and Vista?

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