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There never has been more innovation -- and uncertainty -- in the payments space than there is today. But while banks continue to provide much of the infrastructure required to process and support payments, it often seems as if most of the innovation around payments that is capturing the hearts and minds of customers is coming from non-bank players. Bank Systems & Technology's August digital issue peers into the future of payments, identifying the opportunities and threats for banks in the increasingly electronic and mobile market.

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8 PLAYERS SHAPING THE FUTURE OF PAYMENTS: Payments are big business. But keeping up with innovations in the space can be a challenge for banks. Here are eight players that are shaping the future of the market.

P2P PAYMENTS -- THE OPPORTUNITY OF A CUSTOMER'S LIFETIME: Peer-to-peer payments should follow the explosive growth of mobile devices. But banks need to get in on the P2P action now.

EMV'S FINAL FRONTIER: What will it take for the EMV card standard to finally gain mass adoption in the U.S.?

TAMING THE PAPER PAYMENTS BEAST: Consumers still rely heavily on cash and checks. But that presents an opportunity for banks, MasterCard says.

HARNESSING THE POWER OF AN INTEGRATED PAYMENTS BUSINESS: An integrated payments business offers banks the best odds to succeed, says Berkery Noyes' Peter Ognibene.

CALLING IN REINFORCEMENTS TO SECURE PAYMENTS: To improve its payments security, CapitalMark Bank & Trust calls the 'C.O.P.S.' -- ACH Alert's Credit Origination Positive-Pay Service.

THE LONG-AWAITED ARRIVAL OF ISIS MAY FINALLY BE HERE: Isis, the mobile wallet venture formed by three top mobile carriers, appears ready to make its debut.

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