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Data Management: A New World Order or Not?

Data management leaders will produce a comprehensive data management framework that provides a stronger for compliance with future regulatory reporting requirements.

Basel III: What Will It Mean and By When?

What kind of impact will the proposed Basel III bank capital rules have on U.S. banks – not only the biggest institutions, but also mid-sized and community banks?

Hot Summer Matches Heat in a Banker's Kitchen

Most parts of the U.S. are experiencing a hot summer, noticeably above average in heat, and in many cases humidity too. I am reminded of a phrase attributed to President Truman, "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen."

2Q Earnings for FIS and Fiserv - Sluggish, But a Few Bright Spots

The two largest bank technology vendors reported their 2Q 2010 earnings since my last column 10 days ago. Jack Henry is scheduled to report its fiscal quarter and year-end results on August 17th. FIS and Fiserv both recorded sequential revenue growth of 2.4% (1.7% in constant currency) and 2% respectively. Within these sluggish growth rates, there were bright spots that reflect each vendor's diversified mix of products and services. Both vendors have recurring contract revenue streams that tend

Is An IPO in Prepaid Cards a Green Light for Growth?

A wide range of interested parties are contemplating the growth prospects for future growth in the prepaid card market. The unusual Green Dot (GDOT) IPO that is currently going to market is providing some existing shareholders with the opportunity to monetize a portion of their holdings. Green Dot will not receive any proceeds from the estimated $130 million IPO. Its shares will be available for purchase by new investors and the remaining shareholders will have a market for selling shares in the

The Pros and Cons of Vendor Leveraged Buyouts

The recent news surrounding the potential, and subsequently abandoned, leveraged buyout (LBO) of FIS by a group of private investment firms is an example of a recurring process that recycles capital and raises questions for all parties affected by an LBO.

Navigating Legislative and Regulatory Sea Changes

One thing everyone connected to the banking industry can agree on is there is no lack of daily headline-grabbing developments. One area that contributes to this condition is the variety of regulatory related topics.

Banking's Future in the "Digital Marketplace"

A headline like this one usually gets bank and credit union executives to spend a moment contemplating the topic; in this case, the "Digital marketplace?". Questions pop up -- like, what is the "digital marketplace?"

TCO vs. ROI vs. Payback Time: Is One Better?

In the best and worst of times for IT budgeting, internal debates and analysis within banks and other financial institutions will invariably get around to some financial justification for incremental new spending, evaluating new projects, or looking at contracts up for renewal in one or two years. Over the past three decades there have been several methodologies that bank finance types and third party consultants have used to perform this type of analysis. None of the alternatives are perfect an

Consequences of Consolidation: Hunting for Elusive Growth

The long term secular trend of consolidation that has affected the US banking and credit union industries for 25 years is destined to continue for the foreseeable future, at least another five and perhaps ten more years. What do I mean by secular trend of consolidation? Simply, the number of institutions (consolidated to the holding company for banks) has been shrinking steadily. Let's put some numbers on the table. In 1985, there were 17,900+ FDIC and FSLIC charters for banks and thrifts (formi

Mark to Market Lending: FASB Dances on Banking's Toes

This column is not about banking's version of "Dancing with the Stars." Rather, the issue of mark to market may return to the table. Most observers, including yours truly, agree that the doomsday financial meltdown scenario has passed. With a few notable exceptions, the largest financial institutions have survived the crisis and are returning to profitability. However, many mid-size and smaller banks are still struggling. Now, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) may stomp (not dance)

Disaster Recovery From Online Mayhem

Over the past 15 years, we all recognize that the role of the internet has expanded dramatically for a wide range of industries including financial services. Internet standards have become widely accepted and the prior generation's mix of proprietary network infrastructure solutions has been, or soon will be, replaced by web-compatible technologies. Physical terrorism and/or tragedy, such as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center or Hurricane Katrina, significantly disrupted trading and banki

Why Bankers Should Make an Effort to Become "IT Savvy"

In May 2003, Nicholas Carr made a big splash in the IT world by writing an article for the Harvard Business Review titled "IT Doesn't Matter." Without getting into details, Carr differentiated between IT as an infrastructure commodity, like electricity, with no competitive advantage, and proprietary technology investments, which can be the foundation for competitive advantage. The commotion over this article among my clients was noteworthy. Among his conclusions, Carr argued for "managi

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