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Content tagged with Management Strategies posted in October 2005
Podcasts for Bankers
News  |  10/31/2005
IBM's banking industry leaders Mark Greene and Rusty Wiley have been on the road talking about their vision for the industry. Now, you can take their viewpoints on the road using your portable digital audio player with their latest podcast. I sense the emergence of a media trend...
Don't Be Evil
News  |  10/27/2005
When banking regulators expressed concern about borrowers getting deeper and deeper into credit card debt, the major card-issuing banks increased their minimum payment requirements from two percent to four percent of outstanding balances. But one bank's making a high-profile move in the other direction.
Today on the News Show
News  |  10/19/2005
My colleague Chris Murphy reports on the move to two-factor authentication in today's episode of the News Show.
Remote Deposit Capture: Thick or Thin?
News  |  10/18/2005
This week's newsletter has a story on Wachovia's implementation of remote deposit capture (RDC). In it, we revisit the debate over whether RDC is best done using thick-client or a thin-client software. Given the obvious benefits of the software and the competitive need for it, what's your take on the relative merits of the two approaches? Or does it matter? Please leave your comments on this blog entry.
Mergers and Customer Loyalty Initiatives Driving Changes to Card Issuer Sites as Bank of America and Chase Top Credit Card Scorecard
News  |  10/18/2005
The Q3 2005 Credit Card Scorecard, recently released by Watchfire GomezPro, reveals several developments shaping issuer sites, chief among them improved rewards management and efforts to address security concerns.
All Together Now
News  |  10/18/2005
With the FFIEC's guidance stating that banks should implement two-factor authentication for Internet services that involve sensitive customer information or movement of funds, the status quo in information security in banking has been quickly overturned.
Banks Moving to Implement Service-Oriented Architecture
News  |  10/17/2005
Worldwide expansion, process efficiency, greater customer sophistication, emergence of new competition, and increased regulatory demands are forcing banks to improve systems, a survey shows.
Innovative CIOs
News  |  10/14/2005
Just finished the CIO issue. Hope all of you enjoy it.
Translated from the Greenspanese...
News  |  10/12/2005
From Greenspan's speech to the National Italian American Foundation: Conceptual advances in pricing options and other complex financial products, along with improvements in computer and telecommunications technologies, have significantly lowered the costs of, and expanded the opportunities for, hedging risks that were not readily deflected in earlier decades. The new instruments of risk dispersa
EBay Agrees To Buy VeriSign Online Payment Service
News  |  10/10/2005
EBay has agreed to buy VeriSign Inc.'s online payment service for $370 million in cash and/or stock.
Katrina and the Titanic
News  |  10/7/2005
When the lookout on the Titanic warned the officers on the bridge that the infamous iceberg was looming ahead, first officer William McMaster Murdoch had the engines stopped and reversed. He then ordered the quartermaster to turn the ship hard to port. Bad move. The iceberg sliced through the first five of 16 transverse compartments of the hull. If the ship had hit the iceberg head on, the ship likely would have limped home, and we would have been spared the sight of Leonardo DiCaprio on the bow
Grid is Good
News  |  10/7/2005
Earlier this week, I attended the Global Grid Forum. From The News Show, here's part one and part two of my interview with the Chairman of GGF, Mark Linesch. I also attended a session concern
Rising Financial Peril
News  |  10/6/2005
Wall Street Journal article about the "rising financial peril" faced by storm victims.
The Toughest Job in Banking
News  |  10/5/2005
Here's a New York Times story about Liberty Bank and Trust, which is trying to recover from Katrina, as well as the steady depletion of its assets as customers withdraw their savings.
Stop Making Cents
News  |  10/5/2005
Bank of America Offers Round-Up Savings Account Source:
If you sign up for Bank of America's new service, every time you charge something on a debit card, they'll round up to the nearest dollar and put the loose change in a savings account. Now if they only rounded up to the nearest $100, we would have a fighting chance of increas
Yikes -- Wall Street Under Water?
News  |  10/5/2005
... an 1821 hurricane lifted the tide 13 feet in an hour, with the East and Hudson rivers converging over lower Manhattan as far north as Canal Street.
Hurricane in NYC Could Happen, With Subways and Wall Street Flooding and Millions Evacuating
Between terrorism and storms, I'm not sure whether to buy a bunker or build an ark.
IBM Grid Grows With Two Banks
News  |  10/4/2005
IBM announced new grid-enabled software from SAS and Absoft, and two new customers.
It's for you....
News  |  10/3/2005
"I had this woman on the phone telling me that I was not only a deadbeat, but a pimp, too."
- Paul Fairchild, identity theft victim
New York Times, Oct. 1, 2005 For Victims, Repairing ID Theft Can Be Grueling
Yeah, I hear that all the time.

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