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Content tagged with Management Strategies posted in November 2005
Cheating on the ID Challenge
Commentary  |  11/30/2005
The personal data required to obtain a full dossier on someone seems insufficient compared to the prize.
Show Me More Than Money
News  |  11/30/2005
Some banks may need more than attractive salaries to retain the best IT talent.
Training for Success
News  |  11/30/2005
Banks are turning disparate IT talent into cohesive teams.
Exec News
News  |  11/30/2005
FSTC, Fiserv, Cole Taylor, M&I
Calling in Sick
Commentary  |  11/30/2005
With this year's brutal hurricane season officially over and winter looming, many bankers likely have business continuity and disaster recovery on the brain -- and rightly so.
What, Me Worry?
News  |  11/29/2005
One of these days I'd like to pick up the paper and read an article about how there was a crisis averted due to superior long-range planning by a government agency. In the meantime, we get the GAO describing the inability of various government agencies to come to a consensus on who should be in charge of delivering expertise in anti-terrorist-financing to countries that need our help. I truly hope they figure it out before FEMA gets involved. The NY Times story: U.S. Lacks Plan to Curb Terro
Cole Taylor Bank Turns to Security Event Management
News  |  11/21/2005
While firewalls and IDSs watch Cole Taylor Bank's Windows servers, a SEM appliance watches its security infrastructure, keeping black hats away from the company's internal systems.
Cheating on the ID Challenge
News  |  11/14/2005
Since September 2005, the three major consumer credit reporting agencies have been required to provide upon request free annual credit reports. So, to see what the agencies have on record, I sent many of my personally-identifying characteristics through a secure Internet connection in exchange for comprehensive reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
Innovative CIOs: Moving On Up
News  |  11/8/2005
Back in business school, on my first day of the required Marketing class, the professor put a slide up on the board that said something to the effect of: "More of today's CEOs have risen to the top through the marketing function than from any other area of business." Of course, hyping one's own field of interest is something you'd certanly expect a marketing professor to do. Nevertheless, the slide made an impression. Was there something about Marketing, compared to Finance, Operations or anyth
Unfrozen Caveman Developer
News  |  11/3/2005
Before becoming a chronicler of the banking industry, I worked as a database developer. I mostly worked with an obscure hierarchical database tool called Omnis, which had the claim to fame of being the first cross-platform (Mac/PC) database for the first GUI version of Windows. Subsequently, I left the programming game to get an MBA and then, to make a long story short, here I am. Now that I'm also managing the Web sites for CMP Media's financial industry publications, I've found it necessary
Western Union Flying High With Cash Payments
News  |  11/2/2005
New outlet for airline tickets taps underbanked market.
Walk Before You Run
News  |  11/2/2005
A slower approach to outsourced lending pays dividends for First Magnus.
Conquering IT Growing Pains
News  |  11/2/2005
Bringing Banking to the People
News  |  11/2/2005
Small Staff, Big Returns
News  |  11/2/2005
Building Teams to Build Revenue
News  |  11/2/2005
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
News  |  11/1/2005
Stranger in a Strange Land No More
News  |  11/1/2005
Wachovia's Jean Davis proves that having a computer science degree to run a bank's IT department is optional.
Technology Leaders Take Center Stage
News  |  11/1/2005
IT's role at banks increasingly puts senior technology executives in the limelight.
News  |  11/1/2005
Branch Revival a Mixed Bag
News  |  11/1/2005
Banks must offer more high-tech service, urges Celent.
Answering the Call
Commentary  |  11/1/2005
Banking Media Hot and Cold
News  |  11/1/2005
Technology pundits have been debating about whether Apple Computer's video iPod, and by extension, video cell phones and other video-enabled mobile devices, will take off. I wouldn't bet against it, but not because I think that we'll watch repurposed television programs on these devices. Rather, it's because there's an enormous potential to create custom media clips designed expressly for the new delivery channel. While the focus has been on Disney/ABC programs and music video, it's business-rel

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