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News & Commentary
Content posted in February 2005
Bank of America Loses Department of Defense Employee Data
News  |  2/28/2005
Loss of unencrypted data could lead to security risks.
Plumtree Adds Financial-Services Companies To Customer Roster
News  |  2/28/2005
First Franklin and Banknorth Insurance will implement portal software for business intelligence and claims processing.
Anticipating Check 21 Savings, SVPCO Launches National Check Exchange
News  |  2/25/2005
SVPCO expects to eliminate significant air transportation expense by end of year.
’Mobile Suica’ phones board Japan’s rail system
News  |  2/25/2005
Consumers here will soon be able to use their mobile phones on Japan's extensive railway network.
Senators Vow New Laws In Wake Of ChoicePoint Debacle
News  |  2/25/2005
Federal lawmakers jumped on the identity theft bandwagon in calling for stricter controls on data profilers after hackers gained access to over a hundred thousand names in ChoicePoint's database.
Electronic Medical Records and Claims Management: Perfect Together?
Commentary  |  2/23/2005
I usually am skeptical when the government proposes something it asserts will make my life better. However, when it comes to the recent enthusiasm for adoption of electronic medical records (EMRs), I might be persuaded.
SunTrust Banks Inks Deal With Micropayments Processor
News  |  2/22/2005
Some 14 million Americans made digital-content purchases valued at $2 or less last year.
Hopping A Train With DoCoMo Smart Card
News  |  2/22/2005
NTT DoCoMo plans to start testing a service that would enable cellular phone subscribers to use their handsets to pay for train rides.
Banks Can Offer Expertise and Infrastructure to Healthcare Industry
News  |  2/22/2005
Medical Banking Project works on roadmap for banks to support health data management.
Is There a Banker in the House?
News  |  2/22/2005
Banking technology opportunities abound in healthcare data management.
Payments Via Cell Phones To Grow Rapidly This Year: Study
News  |  2/22/2005
With the support of credit card companies and vendors like McDonald's, so-called contactless payment will become common by the end of this year, a study says.
Help With Human Resources Outsourcing
News  |  2/18/2005
More companies are turning to third-party providers for HR services; tech managers need to pay special attention to privacy and security concerns.
New Phishing Tactic Dangles Millions As Bait
News  |  2/18/2005
Phishers twisted a long-standing scam tactic into their newest technique to fake consumers out of their bank account information -- and the money in those accounts.
Law Requires ChoicePoint To Disclose Fraud
News  |  2/17/2005
An identity-theft ring gained access to 145,000 consumer records held by ChoicePoint, which later notified consumers as required under California law SB-1386.
Identity and Authentication at Risk From Compromise of ChoicePoint Database, Says Security Expert
News  |  2/17/2005
Data aggregator made for a tempting target for identity thieves.
News  |  2/17/2005
Data aggregator made for a tempting target for identity thieves.
Defendant In Major ID-Theft Case Found Guilty
News  |  2/17/2005
A Nigerian national charged in a California identity-theft case involving at least 145,000 personal and financial records of consumers was found guilty and sentenced to 16 months in state prison.
Citibank Tries On-Screen Keyboard To Foil Phishers
News  |  2/17/2005
The U.K. division of Citibank has introduced an on-screen "keyboard" for its banking customers in an attempt to foil some types identity theft.
Digital-Rights Management Gaining Adoption by Banks
News  |  2/16/2005
Companies are turning to a growing class of security software known as enterprise digital-rights management.
Move Over, Passwords, And Make Room For Tokens
News  |  2/15/2005
Two security vendors this week announced new tokens, which are small pieces of hardware that users often carry on keychains to gain access to computers, often through a USB port.
Editorial: Offering Web Services? Your Customer’s Privacy Is Priority One
Commentary  |  2/15/2005
Make no mistake. Your organization has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that inadvertent data leakages--no matter how minor--do not happen.
Airlines Aim for Expense Reduction in Payments
News  |  2/15/2005
Airlines are targeting the estimated $1.5 billion it spends annually on accepting credit cards from its customers.
IT Spending: A Strategic Push Toward New Technology Investments
News  |  2/15/2005
IT spending in the North American banking industry will continue to rise at a moderate rate in 2005.
Microsoft, eBay, Visa Share Phony Phish Site Info
News  |  2/14/2005
Microsoft, eBay, and Visa join forces to launch a program to share information about phishing attacks.
Citigroup and HSBC Deploy Fundtech
News  |  2/11/2005
Citigroup and HSBC deploy Fundtech software to update technology and meet regulatory requirements
Amdocs Aims At Analytics with SAS
News  |  2/11/2005
Partnership with SAS Institute is designed to bring more capabilities into Amdocs' billing and CRM software
IBM Flexes in Wake of Fiorina’s Departure
News  |  2/11/2005
Servers and storage the focus for financial industry
Bank of America Hit With Lawsuit Over Electronic Transaction
News  |  2/10/2005
Incident raises questions about online banking systems' vulnerability to hacking incidents.
Fastest-Growing Internet Activity Is Online Banking
News  |  2/10/2005
Online banking is the fastest growing Internet activity as tracked by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.
India Still Leads As Preferred Offshore Destination
News  |  2/8/2005
Check image storage and exchange provider adopts success-friendly organizational structure.
Credit Card Issuers Still Paving the Way in Alerting
News  |  2/8/2005
Credit card issuers remain markedly ahead of banks in terms of alert initiatives, and indeed have continued to innovate.
Insiders, Not Hackers, Are Main Cause Of Data Breaches: Survey
News  |  2/8/2005
In survey, 69% of companies say data breaches were the result of either malicious employee activities or non-malicious employee error.
MetLife Acquires Citigroup Businesses
News  |  2/2/2005
Seeking to substantially expand its distribution capacity, MetLife will purchase Citigroup's Traveler's Life and Annuity business and virtually all of the financial services firm's international insurance business.
Identity Theft Remains Top Fraud Complaint
News  |  2/1/2005
Thirty-nine percent of all complaints filed in 2004 were related to identity theft, which is a 1% decline from 2003, according to a newly released FTC report.

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